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Philio 4in1 Multisensor (PIR, Door Window, Temperature & Light)


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The Philio 4-in-1 Sensor combines a PIR (Motion) sensor, door/window sensor, light sensor, and temperature sensor, all in one small package. The detector includes four sensors. PIR (Motion) Monitors changes in infrared level and movement that indicate a person’s presence. Door/Window Sensor Detects the opening or closing of a window, door, gate, or roller blind and sends an alert to the Z-Wave network. The Smart light sensor Measures a room’s light level (LUX) and reports this to the Z-Wave network Temperature sensor Control and measures any room’s temperature. The sensor’s Lithium battery should give you more than 2 years of use in normal situations, the Smart light sensor sends an alert to the network when the battery needs replacing.

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