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Shop Smart Plug Outlets for Home Automation with Ezlo

Transform your home into a smart home using Ezlo’s smart plug outlets. With our smart outlets, you can manage your home appliances in the best way possible to improve convenience, energy savings, and security. Whether you want to turn on lights remotely, set your coffee maker to start working from your phone, or even program your devices to work at specific times, Ezlo has just what you need.

Connect and Control: Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth Smart Plugs

It is, therefore, important to know the differences between the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart plug outlets when making a purchase. Ezlo has both types of smart plugs on the market, and each has its own benefits.

Wi-Fi Plug Outlets

Wi-Fi plug outlets work with your home Wi-Fi network to let you manage your devices remotely using your smartphone or voice commands with Alexa or Google. These plugs are perfect for those who need remote control and compatibility with other smart home gadgets.

Bluetooth Plug Outlets

Bluetooth plug outlets provide much more precise control over the area. They are connected directly to your smartphone through Bluetooth and are ideal for those who want a device without many complications. Although they are not as versatile as Wi-Fi plugs, they are dependable and simple to use for home automation in the immediate vicinity.

Find the Perfect Ezlo Smart Outlet for You

Remote Control and Scheduling

This will enable you to control your home devices from any location. Using Ezlo’s Wi-Fi plug outlets, you can switch on or off your appliances, set up timers, and check on the energy consumption of your smartphone. This ensures that your home is running efficiently even when you are not in the house.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

Our smart plugs support most of the voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This enables you to operate your devices using your voice, making your home automation system even more convenient to use.

Energy Monitoring

Control your energy usage with Ezlo’s smart outlets and keep track of your consumption. Find out which devices are consuming more power, and use this information to reduce the cost of your electricity bill. With our home automation plugs, you can minimise energy waste in your home.

Secure and Reliable Connection

With Ezlo’s smart outlets, security is not a concern. Our plugs provide a secure connection to ensure that your data and home appliances cannot be tampered with by anyone.

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