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Kono Lux Zigbee Thermostat

$129.95 $99
KONOz is the smart thermostat made with you in mind. It seamlessly connects to many smart hubs and blends in or stands out with its interchangeable Décor-snap covers™. KONOz makes it easier than ever to personalize your comfort, décor, and savings.

Kono Lux Z-Wave Thermostat

$129.95 $99
KONOzw is the smart thermostat that connects seamlessly to many smart hubs and blends in or stands out with its interchangeable Decor snap covers. KONOzw makes it easier than ever to personalize comfort, decor, and savings.

Shop the Best Quality Ezlo Smart Thermostat for Your House

Ezlo – the best marketplace for the most advanced smart home solutions. Ezlo Smart Thermostat is the ultimate mix of comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency for your home. Equipped with hi-tech functionality and incorporating superior capabilities, our Best Smart Thermostat empowers you to maintain a suitable home environment that is both economical and environmentally friendly. Smart Home Thermostat with built-in temperature sensor feature constantly checks the temperature of your home and regulates it automatically to ensure optimum comfort and energy use. Say goodbye to wasted energy, and welcome to lowering your utility bills.

Take Control of Your Home Climate with these Smart Thermostats

A generation of physical interaction is long gone and is replaced with a powerful Wi-Fi thermostat whenever you need to change it. With the Smart Home Thermostat at your fingertips, you will be able to manipulate your home’s temperature dimensions at any moment, whenever you feel like it, through the control device of your choice. With a WiFi connection and an app either on your smartphone or a tablet, it’s convenient to program your thermostat sensor so it only goes on when you need your home’s perfect temperature at a specific time.

Finding the Best Smart Thermostat: Explore Features and Benefits

If you’re looking for the best smart thermostat, the Ezlo Smart Thermostat will surely fit the bill. Our device is packed with different features and advantages, and overall, it is what every homeowner needs. One “smart” aspect of our Wi-Fi thermostat is that whether you use smart speakers, smart lights, or smart locks, you can control all of them from one comfortable app, thus simplifying your life.

  • Program to reduce energy expenses and can return their initial cost in savings within a year.
  • Manage from anywhere, anytime via an app, tablet, or the Apple Watch.
  • Easy installation with everything in the box.
  • Compatible with smart home ecosystems, permitting you to collaborate with your other smart devices.

The Smart Home Thermostat developed by Ezlo uses different algorithms and thermostat sensors to regulate the temperature based on data such as occupancy and outdoor weather conditions; therefore, your house will always be energy efficient in the long run. Whether you’re in your home or outside managing your thing, our next-generation WiFi-connected smart thermostats let you manage heating and cooling comfort and reduce energy use by using the app installed on your Smartphone.

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