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Smart Philio Smoke Sensor Detector

The Philio Smoke Detector is designed to give early warning of developing fire by giving off the alarm sounds from its built-in alarm. It's also easy to use it.
Showing 16 of 21 results

Secure Your Home with Ezlo Door & Window Sensors

Equip your home with the features of Ezlo smart door and window sensors for home security. The door and window sensors also make the homes safer by raising the alarm as soon as any door or window is opened or closed. Sensors that are simple to set up and that are very dependable mean that you can be assured that your home is well protected, whether you are present there or not. Protect your home with the best smart door and window motion sensors from Ezlo, and be a smart homeowner today. 

Shop Smart Sensors for Windows & Doors at the Best Price

Here at Ezlo, we have smart sensors for windows and doors at a very affordable price. All of our window sensors and door sensors use state-of-the-art technology for detection and notification. These window alarm sensors are an essential component of any home protection system to ensure that the home is well protected against intruders. Browse the available options and get the best sensors for windows and doors to help enhance the security of your home.

Choose the Right Door/Window Sensor for You

Real-Time Alerts

Be up-to-date with alerts that are sent straight to your phone. Our smart door and window sensors alert you right away when a door or window is opened, and then you can come and reinforce the security of your home.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless technology has never been this easy to bring home with Ezlo’s window motion sensors. Our windows and door sensors are easy to link with your home network, which means you can easily incorporate them into your smart home network.

Long Battery Life

Ezlo’s home security window sensors are quite durable, and their batteries are also long-lasting. Experience unhampered security and confidence with the assurance that your sensors will run without complications for a longer period of time.

Customizable Settings

Make your security system unique by adding your preferences in the settings. Set up different levels of sensitivity, define particular alerts and connect with other connected home devices to design a perfect security system that fits the user’s requirements.

Interaction with other Smart Home Systems

The Ezlo door and window sensors are compatible with other smart home systems. It is recommended that you integrate our sensors with other smart home devices, like smart locks, cameras, and alarms, to improve the automation of your entire home.

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