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Centralite 3 Series Temperature and Humidity sensors by detecting changes in in-home, Centralite 3 Series & Smart Humidity Sensor can add a whole range of climate control features to your connected home Ezlo. By reporting these climate changes, your HVAC system can respond to your comfort level and help to reduce wasted energy. This innovative temperature and humidity sensor seamlessly integrates with your Ezlo smart home system, empowering you to create a personalized climate and optimize energy usage.

Features and Benefits of Smart WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor:

  • Centralite Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Gain precise insights into your home’s environment. The Centralite sensor accurately detects changes in temperature and humidity, providing valuable data for your smart home system.
  • Smart Climate Control: Leverage the power of collected data. With real-time temperature and humidity readings, your Ezlo system can automatically adjust your HVAC settings to maintain your desired comfort level.
  • Temperature Sensor & Humidity Sensor: Maintain a perfect balance. The Centralite sensor monitors both temperature and humidity, allowing you to create a comfortable and healthy living space.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Optimize your energy usage. By automatically adjusting your HVAC based on real-time conditions, the Centralite sensor helps you reduce wasted energy and potentially lower your utility bills.
  • Wifi Temperature and Humidity Sensor: Enjoy effortless setup. The Centralite 3 Series Temperature and Humidity Sensor boasts a user-friendly design for quick and easy installation. Simply pair it with your Ezlo hub and start enjoying its benefits.
  • Ezlo Compatibility: Experience a unified smart home experience. The Centralite sensor integrates seamlessly with your Ezlo ecosystem, allowing you to manage your temperature, humidity, and other smart home devices from a centralized platform.


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