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Philio Smart Energy and Humidity Sensor BrandSmart Outlet

(Works with Alexa and Google Home)


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The Philio Smart Energy PAN15 Smart Energy BrandSmart Outlet is a beautiful, innovative, and good-performance smart plug. The Philio Best Smart Plugs built-in power meter can let you monitor the power consumption of your electric appliances. PAN15 is also a well-designed and remotely intelligent device. You can easily know the state of your home appliances like lamps or the oven in your kitchen. And no need to worry if they are not turned off. You can switch the lamp off or turn the oven off when you are in the office or even go on vacation directly from your Vera app. The Philio Smart Energy Best BrandSmart Outlet Plugs can also work as a repeater in a Z-Wave network Ezlo Shop

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