Philio 3in1 Multisensor (Door Window, Temperature, Light)

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The Philio 3in1 Smart Multisensor integrates (1)Door/Window Sensor (2)Illumination Sensor (3)Temperature Sensor together to satisfy picky users who want to have multi-functions, small and beautiful devices but don’t want it to be unexpected. The Smart temperature sensor can be used as a security device or a home automation sensor. When the Smart temperature sensor cooperates with security appliances, the Door/Window sensor and PIR sensor act as an alarm detector. Or, when the sensor works as a home automation device, it can transmit the value of illumination and the temperature to the controller. The temperature sensor can also detect the environment temperature to adjust the heater or cooler to achieve a preset temperature or detect an abnormal environment temperature (like a freeze sensor or fire sensor) to send a warning message.

Key Features and Applications of Pjilio 3in1 Multisensor:

  • Combines door/window, illumination, and temperature sensing in one compact device.
  • Acts as an alarm detector in security setups and transmits environmental data for home automation.
  • Provides real-time illumination and temperature data to your controller.
  • Adjusts heating or cooling systems based on temperature readings to maintain a preset environment.
  • Blends seamlessly into any home decor while providing robust functionality.
  • Use the Door/Window Sensor and PIR sensor to detect and alert on unauthorized entry.
  • Utilize the Illumination Sensor and Temperature Sensor to control lighting and HVAC systems for optimal comfort.
  • Detect abnormal temperatures to send warning messages, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

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