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Aeotec Best Home Energy Monitor


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The Aeotec ZW095 Home Smart Energy Meter Gen5 is an easy way to monitor and record all the electricity being used and spent in your entire home and report that data back to your Ezlo controllers. It converts your current electricity into something it’s not: a tool that provides you with understanding. Understand how much electricity you’re using. understanding of when you’re using it. Understand how you can use less and how you can save more. Simply installed, Home Energy Monitor Gen5’s current clamps attach around your home’s AC mains and record electricity use, wirelessly reporting wattage and kW data back to your Ezlo controllers. The Home Energy Monitor is an electricity usage in real-time. Made for indoor or outdoor use, this electricity monitor is IP43-rated and can operate in most weather conditions. Built using Aeotec’s Home Energy Monitor Gen5 and Z-Wave Plus, compared to previous models, it offers a superior wireless range necessary for a device that is often installed outdoors or within a metallic current breaker box.

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