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Transform Any Lamp into a Smart Light with the Z Wave GoControl Plug-in Dimmer Module

The PD300EMZ5-1 Best Smart Plug-in Lamp Module is designed to provide GoControl Plug-In Dimmer Module control to a connected dimmable lamp. The PD300EMZ5-1 module is plugged into any standard grounded AC wall outlet, and the lamp is then plugged into the module. Once connected, the lamp can be dimmed or turned on or off remotely via the Z-Wave controller. The Best Smart Plug module contains two power receptacles – one controlled and one pass-through (powered at all times) via GoControl Plug-In.
The Best Smart Plug-in Lamp Module can also act as a wireless repeater to ensure that commands intended for another device in the network are received (useful when a device would otherwise be out of radio range).

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The GoControl Plug-in Dimmer Module offers additional benefits beyond dimming control. This versatile dimming smart plug features two power outlets: one controlled for dimming the connected lamp, and another pass-through outlet that remains constantly powered – perfect for keeping other devices plugged in without affecting the dimming functionality.

Simple Setup, Seamless Integration:

The GoControl Plug-in Dimmer Module is designed for easy installation. No complicated wiring is required. Simply plug it in, connect your lamp, and follow the pairing instructions for your Z-Wave hub. In minutes, you’ll be enjoying the convenience and flexibility of a smart dimmer outlet.

Upgrade your home lighting with the GoControl Plug-in Dimmer Module. Experience the magic of dimming control and smart functionality for a more comfortable and personalized living space.

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