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The Centralite 4 Series Smart Outlet Mini introduces new functionality to existing appliances and lighting devices (up to 15A). By placing the Smart Outlet between an outlet and any appliance in your home, you can instantly add advanced automation features. This Zigbee HA 1.2 SmartOutlet is compatible with any Hue Smart Plug or platform that supports Zigbee devices.

Compatible with: Ezlo Plus, and Ezlo Secure and most Zigbee Smart home hubs

This innovative mini smart outlet seamlessly integrates with your Zigbee smart home system, empowering you to remotely control and automate everyday devices, all within a compact and user-friendly design. The Centralite 4 Series Smart Outlet transforms any standard outlet into a smart hub, enabling remote control and automation of lamps, fans, coffee makers, and a variety of other devices (up to 15A). With the Centralite Smart Outlet Mini, you can turn electronics on or off remotely using your smartphone, creating automated schedules, or integrating them into custom scenes for a truly connected home. Schedule lights to turn on at sunset, power down electronics when not in use, or create custom automations for a more convenient and energy-efficient living experience.

Invest in intelligence and convenience with the Centralite 4 Series Smart Outlet Mini. This compact and versatile device empowers you to transform your everyday appliances into smart devices, all within a user-friendly Zigbee ecosystem. Order yours today and experience the magic of smart home automation!

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