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Night Lights Features to Look For and Benefits

Consider installing some night lights to illuminate your home in a way that is both stylish and functional without racking up a hefty electricity bill. For countless years, people have considered turning off all of the lights to be the optimal way to sleep. 

Sleeping in total darkness can help you nod off quickly, but it is not necessarily a good idea for most people. In addition, if you are a parent, you know that children dislike being in a dark room. The following is an in-depth guide that will assist you in selecting the ideal night lights.

Features to Look For in Night Lights

The best night lights come with various useful features, including ones that go well with the entirety of your decor and ones designed to keep you safe. When looking for the best night lights, it is important to look for certain features, such as the ones listed below.

  • Motion Detection

If you want uninterrupted sleep, look for night lights with motion sensors. With those, you don’t need to turn on or turn off motion-activated night lights because they do so automatically whenever anyone traverses their field of view. As a result, you can save on your electricity and avoid affecting your utility bill adversely.

Find a night light that has a large detection amplitude, preferably between 8 and 20 feet from the point of illumination. Motion sensor lights in the bedroom should have the least sensitive setting possible to deter sleep disruptions. However, other places such as your garage, the hallways, the attic, and the basement should have the broadest radius possible to reduce the risk of injury from slipping and falling in the dark.

  • Low Luminance

A unit used to quantify light emitted is called a lumen. In an ideal world, a night light would have just the right amount of lumens to keep you safe while navigating your home, but they would be low enough not to interfere with your natural sleep-wake rhythm. Try to find night lights with a lumen output of less than 50. Using night lights with between 50 and 100-lumen output for garages and basements is strongly advisable.

  • The Appropriate Hue

The environment surrounding you will play a significant role in determining the hue of the night light you go with. If you want a good night’s sleep with minimal interruptions, use warm colors like red or orange for your night lights. To improve visibility, it is advisable to use a warm yellow light in public and high-traffic spaces like hallways and bathrooms. Stay away from blue or white light, as it stimulates your eyes’ daytime receptors and makes it hard to fall asleep again.

  • Discretion and Safety

If you want to enhance the safety of everyone in your home during night movements, do not choose night lights that take up too much room in your space. If you prefer a mountable night light, make sure it is snug with the wall, and if you choose a plug-in, make sure it is near the power socket.

Benefits of Night Lights

Every lighting system has one major benefit, and that is illumination. However, night lights offer many other benefits besides illumination.

Produce an atmosphere that is calming and ambient– The ambiance they create is one of the most significant advantages of using night lights. Having a gentle night light beside your bed enables you to produce a calming vibe for yourself and the people you care about.

Safety– In the dark, you can see more things thanks to the room’s additional illumination provided by night lights.

A more restful night’s sleep for infants and children– Small children and toddlers, in particular, suffer from a phobia of the dark, which makes them feel apprehensive and afraid when they sleep alone. Consequently, it may not be easy to put them to sleep at a reasonable hour. However, with the help of a night light, the kids can sleep soundly and without disruptions.

Dealing with the effects of nightmares– If you regularly suffer from nighttime intrusive thoughts or nightmares, having a gentle night light in your bedroom will keep you safe. If you wake up hyperventilating because of a bad dream, turning on some warm light can assist you in relaxing and getting you back to sleep.

Security– The presence of any illumination is a strong deterrent to burglars who may be considering breaking into your home to loot your prized possessions. With the right illumination, night lights can help keep your home safer from intruders.

Wrapping Up

In addition to keeping you safe in the dark, installing night lights in your bedroom, restroom, carport, or hallway can inject some color or style into those spaces. They are reassuring when you can’t get to sleep and comforting when you wake up from a bad dream. They help the kids sleep better at night too. Because there are many distinct kinds of night lights, it is best to seek the advice of professionals specializing in home lighting.

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