VeraEdge – North American – Refurbished

  • One-touch control of your entire system
  • View all your cameras and control all your devices from one easy app
  • See and control your system from any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world (where there’s Internet)
  • Save money on energy, automatically!
  • Expand your system to control over 220 devices
  • Wireless communications makes installation a breeze in any home or small business
  • Easy, intuitive setup with simple Q&A format; adding devices later is easy too with preconfigured settings for most devices
  • No monthly fees required!
    With VeraEdge you can do anything today’s most advanced smart homes can do. Cutting edge features like geofencing let the system know when you’re coming home, so your living room is nice and warm (or cool) when you arrive. (Save energy, automatically, when you leave, too!) One easy, intuitive app spans all platforms (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) to easily keep you in control at all times, wherever you go. Controls all the leading brands of locks, thermostats, and other devices so you don’t need to compromise when selecting components. Create a better system, at a fraction of the price tag of the big guys, and with no monthly fees required.
    VeraEdge gives you:
  • More device compatibility—faster processor allows greater compatibility with devices
  • More memory for better response times and flexibility
  • WPS easy push button pairing for Wi-Fi devices
  • Improved multi-camera management
  • Intuitive user setup and control
  • Local control of devices to avoid any latency or connectivity issues (works locally even when your Internet goes down)
    VeraEdge is the best way to centrally control your smart home or automate your small business. Use VeraEdge to coordinate and unify devices you may already own, such as smart thermostats and smart door locks; or to start building a new system from scratch. As your system expands, you’ll never outgrow VeraEdge!
  • Control over 220 devices in a single location
  • Geo fencing, advanced occupancy sensing, push notifications
  • Over 200 3rd party apps available in the MiOS Marketplace
  • Multiple trigger events for complete customization of automation scenes—by time of day, motion, day of week, sunrise/sunset, or depending on other device(s)
    VeraEdge Is Your Best Choice For A Home/Business Automation Controller
    The world of advanced smart home automation, security, and peace of mind for your home or small business all starts with VeraEdge!
    Your VeraEdge system can do many different things, depending on the other
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