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GoControl In-Wall Led Dimmer Switch 1000W


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GoControl Dimmer Light Switch is helping to make your home high-tech yet also making it so simple to install and use! The GoControl In-Wall Dimmer 1000W wall Smart Led Dimmer Switch is wired in place of a traditional lighting wall switch or dimmer. The wd1000z allows wireless Z-Wave remote on/off and dimming control of connected items using a remote, wall controller, smartphone, or tablet. The outlet sports a blue LED status indicator, giving you the comfort of knowing it’s working and helping you to locate the outlet in a dark room. the GoControl LED Dimmer Switch wd1000z outlet can be included in a programmed lighting ‘scene’, such that multiple z-wave-connected lights or electrical items can be turned on or off with a single click of your controller or remote device. All GoControl Z-Wave products are compatible with certified Z-Wave controllers, allowing integration with many options in home automation systems. Linear/go control is the world’s largest consumer of Z-Wave chips for smart devices, and we’ve been successfully building wireless electronics for over 53 years – so you know that we take quality seriously.

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