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The Dimmable GoControl 60-watt Equivalent Light bulb (Z-Wave) connects to your Z-Wave network to provide super-energy efficient, customizable, remotely controlled lighting in any indoor area of your home. Use your Ezlo Hub (sold separately) to automate this bulb’s functions, or control it remotely via a variety of mobile devices. The Dimmable 60-watt Light Bulb lasts longer than traditional light bulbs, and it uses just 9 watts to achieve the brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb, saving both energy and money. The GoControl 60w smart bulb offers warm-white light at 100 different levels of brightness and also acts as a repeater to extend your network’s reach by up to an additional 130 feet. This Z-Wave-certified bulb works with any Z-Wave device, even ones made by other manufacturers of Ezlo controller.

Features and Benefits of Smart Dimmable LED Bulbs

  • Enjoy the brightness of a traditional 60-watt bulb while using just 9 watts of energy! The GoControl bulb delivers significant energy savings without compromising on illumination.
  • Take control of your ambience. Dim the bulb to create a relaxing atmosphere or crank up the brightness for focused tasks. With 100 dimming levels, you can personalize your lighting experience perfectly.
  • The GoControl bulb connects effortlessly to your existing Z-Wave hub, offering easy remote control and automation options.
  • GoControl’s LED technology provides long-lasting illumination while minimizing energy consumption. Replace your traditional bulbs with this eco-friendly and cost-effective option.
  • This clever bulb acts as a repeater, extending your Z-Wave network’s reach by up to 130 feet. Ensure seamless communication between your smart home devices.
  • The Z-Wave certification guarantees smooth operation with any Z-Wave hub, even from different manufacturers.

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