2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 MHz

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The 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 MHz Contact is the industry’s most flexible supervised door contact. Its recessed Door Contact Sensor communicates with the 345 MHz wireless frequency. It also allows a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame Ezlo Secure controller.

Compatible with:

  • Ezlo Secure

The 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 MHz wireless recessed door sensor stands as an exemplary choice for those seeking a seamless and efficient home security solution. Operating at a robust frequency of 345 MHz, this sensor ensures reliable performance and minimal interference, making it a preferred option in the realm of home security recessed door sensors. Its recessed design not only enhances aesthetic appeal by blending discreetly into any door frame but also offers added security by being less conspicuous to potential intruders.

Ideal for a wide range of home styles and sizes, the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor 345 MHz is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their home security system with a product that combines style, discretion, and high functionality.

Whether you’re aiming to secure a single entry point or integrate multiple sensors for a comprehensive home security network, this sensor’s compatibility and ease of installation make it a top choice for homeowners and security professionals alike recessed door contact.

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