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Self Monitoring Kit Dealer 3-Pack Deal w/ Free Gift


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Includes a Free Gift?
With your purchase, you’ll receive a free gift: Your choice of an Atom 2, PlugHub 2, or a Centralite Pearl ZigBee Thermostat. Once your purchase has been made, our Dealer Sales team will contact you to arrange for your free gift.

Ezlo Plus (3x in deal)
Powerful enough to be stored in a rack room, but elegant enough to be placed in a living room, the Ezlo Plus leverages the new Ezlo platform for an improved user experience and faster, more efficient, highly customized smart home control.

The Ezlo Plus is designed with simplicity in mind. It enables control of the latest Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, as well as voice control of over 27,000 Wi-Fi devices paired to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant through the Ezlo VOI platform, making it the only home controller you’ll ever need.

Centralite Door/Window Sensor (6x in deal)
Centralite’s Zigbee Micro Door Sensor consists of a base, mounted to the door or window frame and a magnet to be mounted to the door or window. The Micro Door Sensor is an affordable way to add automation and security to connected home systems.

Philio Motion Sensor (6x in deal)
The Philio PSP05 PIR Motion Detector in small ball design detects movements at a distance of up to 40 feet. The sensor can be easily installed on the ceiling or a wall thanks to a supplied magnetic holder. Thanks to the unique and discrete design, you can place the sensor anywhere to automate your light. Then your light switches on only when the movement is detected, and if there is no person in the room, the lamps are not switched on.

In addition, the sensor is suitable for outdoor use. This allows you to extend your automation and alarm system to the outside. The sensor is battery operated and can be easily added to your Z-Wave Smart Home System.

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